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Helical Gear Box

Gears : Gears and pinions are generated from high quality alloy steel with case hardening. It provides improved wear resistance and fatigue strength. These are subsequently profile ground to precision grade to ensure high standard of accuracy, long life and quiet running characteristics.

Case : Gear case is built from high quality close-grained cast iron. The case is designed for optimal wall thickness.

Housing and Covers : Closed grain cast iron is the material used for significant loading conditions for gearbox housing and covers. The suave design of housing with partition wall provides it a great amount of torsional rigidity. Ample surface area is provided for heat dissipation.

Bearing and Oil Seals : Bearing from principal manufacturers are utilized throughout. These are selected to endure combined radial and thrust loads. High quality oil seals are used to resist the temperature.

Lubrication :Lubrication is completely independent by automatic spash, which arranges stream of oil for minimum wear and noise. Extra attenion is not necessary excluding frequent topping up of the oil.

Cooling : Subbstantial exterior area is provided for heat dissipation. All units are fitted with cooling water coil.

Advantages : The advantages of helical thrust housing gearbox over conventional worm gearbox are

  •  1 . No Alignment Problem

  •  2 . Cost Savings

  •  3 . Space Savings

  •  4. Power Savings

  •  5 . Less Maintenance

  •  6. Easy to Assemble & Dismantle

Twin Screw Extruder Gear Box

The ELMECH reduction gearboxes of this series are built according to modern criteria in a compact form. Both the gearboxes for co-rotating and for counter-rotating twin-shaft extruders consist of a primary reduction gear unit and a distribution gear unit. which are linked by means of a thrust-bearing housing and by a pressure flange that absorb the axial thrust coming from the extruder.

Housing :The housing is made of high-quality cast-iron or fabricated from electro-welded steel.

Gears : The gears of the primary reducer unit are made of case-steel of the 18NiCrMo5 type and have a helical teeth. The profile is ground with a higher quality to ensure lowest noise level and efficient use. The shaft and the toothed wheels of the distribution gear unit are made of high-quality special steel with excellent tensile strength.

Bearings : The gearboxes of this series are provided with cylindrical roller bearings of reputed makers and considerable size. The thrust bearings are of the axial self aligning roller type of the 294... E series. They are coupled with bearing packages.

Lubrication : A combined splash and forced spray lubrication system guarantees optimal lubrication, even in unfavourable environmental conditions, best heat elimination and low losses.
plash and forced spray lubrication with integrated oil reservoir for emergency running properties. Integrated lubrication system with flanged oil-pump, oil-filter and pressure switch.

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